NEXT STEP Education System is a professional institute with a team of highly qualified professionals. Our team works on the world’s best human resource development models, using integrated information and career systems to structure and streamline the pool of human resources. We, therefore, act as a gateway for smart and eligible Students/Professionals to seek and secure admissions for higher education and jobs in the International marketplace.

Pakistan needs to promote the International level of the education system by keeping abreast of the competitive edge that surrounds us. There are many Schools, Colleges, and Universities promoting International level education like GED, Grade 10th / Grade 12th / SSC / HSSC, and O/A Levels.

NEXT STEP Education System offers and provides different programs with training sessions like GED(General Education Development), IELTS, and English Spoken Language Courses, Our Faculty members are well qualified and equipped to train candidates to achieve and compete with the upcoming challenges set herein.

In order to succeed, we have to nurture a culture that wants to play a part, in elevating people’s experiences and making things better. It starts with creating the habit of uplifting the experiences, with the education system to empower our team and then enriching the experiences of our candidates and their beneficiaries.

We at NEXT STEP, are working hard in uplifting our education system to further enhance the skills and motivation of the candidates to International Standards.


We are the one and only approved GED® Preparation Center in Pakistan under the American Council of Education(ACE). We have years of experience in the GED program which enables us to guide the students in a professional manner.

Dear STUDENTS, you are at the crossroads of your academic life, make the right choice and ensure better mileage out of every learning effort, like thousand of others who have tremendously benefited from our high-quality programs. We invite you to visit our campus personally, know about our programs, talk to our student counselor and experience the distinctive spirit of NEXT STEP.

NEXT STEP Education System is proud to have discerning management with a vision for improvement. We update our program planning, courseware, and services to remain at the forefront of quality service. We welcome valuable suggestions coming from our students and their guardians. This is the secret of our improvement.

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NEXT STEP Education System has qualified and dedicated teachers who are aware of the current challenges. They have guidelines, to help you reach and achieve your goals. NEXT STEP is the GED® Prep Center in Pakistan approved under the American Council of Education (ACE).


We are also ready to help you getting admission to Local Universities and Abroad. No other Prep Center provides post GED® services except us. So why are you waiting?


NEXT STEP Education System has a ONE-WINDOW facility where the candidates can signup for the GED® Prep Test, Registration for the exam and book the exam date.


If you have any queries or need support, feel free to contact us 24/7. Our NEXT STEP Team is always there to help and serve you with the best service and solution.