TIME 4 Months Only 2 Years 2 Years
COST RATIO 1.07 1.34 5.88
Acceptance 50+ Countries Only in Pakistan 50+ Countries
Number of Exams to Appear 4 Exams 14 Exams 5 Subjects x 2 = 10 Exams
Minimum Qualification Required No qualification required.
minimum age 16 years
O`Levels/Matriculation O`Levels/Matriculation
Passing Ratio in Pakistan 75/100 Students
58/100 Students 55/100 Students
Reappearing Time Any time you are prepared to give test. March – April
November- December
May- June
November – December
Study Material Aptitude Test
Mock Online Exam
study material include in package
Local text books
Past papers
Expensive books for course
Past papers